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Moving industry development

The 80 's, when I was in mainland China, has never been to Canton, but I know there are a popular moving company, mass moving companies have a strict boss, Zhao captain, there is a good move. Moving company founded by bosses at the time widely spread by the media, activating the economic cell of many, said the mass moving company is one of the first teachers of market economy is not much.   
The 90 's, I'm still on the Mainland, but every year in Guangzhou, although seen or used moving company, but feel the mass move when the company's business is booming, I am from photographers in Encore's photos to get that impression. About 1994-1997, Encore reported shot in the three-year track people moving company. Two pictures I am very impressed, first movers hostel int---dozens of people in a room, actually overlapping, everyone's eyes were staring at the TV. Encore wrote in the caption: long before workers moved into the building quarters; another picture is a popular moving company for an exhibition carrying long March carrier rocket. These two pictures are encouraging message---workers dressed in uniform red frock, says the company; moving in to live in the building on behalf of lives improved; someone they carry rocket, and that the company's reputation, technology, greatly enhanced strength. Car brush of mass moving company "Development Research Center under the State Council found that the country's first largest" ad, I think, not a moving company, development research center of the State Council issued a "most anything" certificates, but they must be identified in the report of the mass moving company is the earliest, the then largest. That is, the meaning of specimens of mass moving company development.  

Last year, I moved a house in Guangzhou, I certainly find mass moving company. This move I enjoy is the low quality of service, but through this experience, Guangzhou moving company in this industry, I have one and I enjoy the low quality of services contrary to the judgment is: not long after the development of high, 20 years no progress. I would like to say that moving the industry from the development now no progress, only backwards! Why?  

I moved from the Po to the village some four of a five building floor. Call the day before mass moving company, the other asking me for several-meter-long caravan, in my opinion, three-meter-long caravan of enough, the caller said three-metre-long Caravan is 180 yuan per trip, and I said yes. The next day, more than 12 o'clock noon and half an hour later, the moving company cars. Up to five workers, worn out one by one, into a trance in the House if he does not know how to start. I have some annoying, others suspect. Which drive told me, we started moving today at 6 in the morning, to you here is the third House, moved earlier than anything more than 1 time, was moved from 7 to 8, I'm better, they tired! I asked why not floor height, according to articles much, according to the mileage distance pricing, he said used to be some special home valued at project, now too much competition, so how much does high and low popular are denominated simply in accordance with the model trains. I let them rest for a while before moving, and they seem to immediately summon the strength and very professional to work with.  

Soon packed up the car, I bought five bottles of drinks downstairs in the shop for them, they said not thirsty, as if afraid to answer. Driver said, the company has provided are not allowed to accept the customer's food and drink. I say drink do not break the law. Car to drive, can I ask workers to accept tips. They said absolutely not, if the boss found their wages was sent off. Asked to move a family how much they pay, they said three-metre-long vehicle, moved to a wage is 8 yuan per person. To the destination, drivers moved from the car into the ground, floor, workers will have to move. Four climbing three forty or fifty years, more than 10 years old, is a juvenile. Everyone seems to have a great deal of effort, can climb, and endures. But you look closely, they carry the large stairs, eyeball protrusion, is gathered the body strength. I think that their efforts may not be older than me, as they age and I didn't ask, anyway, looks older than I am are often smaller than I am. This is overly productive whole.  

After things have their places, it was three o'clock in the afternoon, I paid 180 yuan, signed a form, ask them to simply eat lunch outside. They said no, today is Saturday, there are two other family is going to move this afternoon. So I got a 50 Yuan to them, let them eat a packed lunch. They can't meet, I said eat bread or drink water for granted. Finally, one of the oldest workers said just don't tell my boss. This sentence makes me very sad, I thought I'd give 100 or more out of the system of consistent rewards and their pay.  

This is a move I was in Guangzhou. The price in Guangzhou is not the lowest, day drive driver tells me that prices still remain above the average of their company, if I can't find the rest of the company, 120, I can move again. 180 yuan to move home, where each worker only 8 Yuan. The price was a terrible price! If you don't, you move to me.  

I say this, it does not say how the mass moving company in Guangzhou, I said the market's brutal, free market is sometimes terrible. Mass moving company moving rockets are high-spirited, the past 15 years, who did not expect to move this business will be reduced to today's prices. 180 on me, in which workers pay 40 Yuan, as well as vehicles, fuel, management, depreciation and accidental injuries, miscellaneous expenses and so on, that the bosses have to bear. 180---I think moving companies don't make money.