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Stall level phenomenon in a moving service

The "51" reporter received a number of complaints after the holidays: moving company knock the Foundation cracked high-grade sofa, coffee tables legs break off ... ... Teng Rong, Vice City move confided to reporters: "for a long time, Shenzhen general move of the service damage rate is too high, the ' lid ' has been covered did not uncover! Slightly damaged the customer is generally not held accountable; major damages must pay for it. Our company lose tens of thousands of Yuan every year, fell the microwave oven is not unusual. "   

Sun Xiaobin, moving Association President Zhang Daqiu, Secretary-General confirmed that long-term vicious price competition between the various moving company, lead Shanghai the current moving services are the "stall" level. Sun Xiaobin, said: "the move should wrap all furniture, appliances, avoid the bump, but they often resort to ignore packages. "   

He added: "because of their prices over the past two hundred or three hundred Yuan to move a car, now moved a home bailai, remove the car fuel and depreciation costs, how much workers can earn? Have to work more, carry the run. High-intensity work extremely accident-prone, so each bump appears blow fell, it is not surprising. "   

According to Zhang Daqiu, and Sun Xiaobin revealed: for currently Shanghai City moved service damaged rate high of status, city moved Association will take corresponding countermeasures, a is set "comfortable moved" typical, in price reasonable improve of based Shang great improved service, guarantee not knock not touch; II is brewing launched "star service" concept, customer can according to itself bear capacity select different grade, and different price of service.    

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